Frequently Asked Questions

How does BDA help teens who are on the streets?

  • BDA keeps teens off the streets by finding them yeshivos/schools and jobs to build confidence and maintain stability.

What can a parent or teacher do to respond to this need?

  • Parents, rabbis, teachers, and big brothers can train to work with teens-at-risk.

What will the training consist of?

  • Training consists of learning how to listen, convey sincerity, be empathic, and forgo judgment. As the sayings go, you will learn how to stop “pushing emotional buttons” and discover how to “be real.”

What if their questions are too difficult?

  • You will learn the answers. Perhaps if there is any silver lining to this situation, it is that we now have the precious opportunity to learn and teach some of the basic tenets of Judaism together with our children.

What if my child is too angry?

  • Group sessions will be available to provide for a safe environment in which to vent, share and grow. Private therapists will be available as well.

What if my child wants to be religious in ways that I’m not familiar with, not in the ways that we raised him?

  • There are “shivim panim la’Torah,” seventy facets to the Torah, our instruction book for living. We need to always keep that in mind. Many of our children are hungry for options. They don’t necessarily want to leave Judaism, they simply want to find a way they can follow and not feel trapped.
  • They are seeking a path. There are many paths available in the world. Often, our children are secretly overwhelmed by how many routes are accessible to them. It can be confusing, even downright scary. Let’s be prepared to be open-minded and flexible enough to help them find avenues which are consistent with the paths that our fathers have taken for thousands of years. THAT is B’Darchei Avosaynu.