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New York State Chaplain Task Force

New York State Chaplain Task Force

We present to you the first all Orthodox Jewish graduating class of the New York State Chaplain Task Force. Special thanks to Rabbi Yechiel Malik of Cong. Ahavas Achim Ivov for organizing the class; to Rabbi Abe Rabinovich for his role as co-instructor alongside our President Rev. Marcos A. Miranda; to our guest of honor/speaker Rabbi Gershon Tennanbaum, Executive Director of Rabbinical Alliance of America and Spiritual Leader of Cong. Linden Heights; and to all the candidates who took the class and passed their final exam with flying colors. Congratulations!!!

NY State Chaplain Task Force_2 Photo byMarcos A. Miranda

Recently, we started a program that brings together some of our boys with a select group of rabbis in the New York State Chaplain TaskForce, which trains selective individuals to become certified chaplains.

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